The Old Road Society of Philipstown

Old Albany Post Road Philipstown / FEMA project to pave and improve drainage

In 2007 the Town of Philipstown applied for a FEMA grant to repair damage from repeated storms, and improvements to prevent future damage. The improvements include paving the section from the southern intersection with Sprout Brook Road to just south of Upland Drive, with catch basins and drain pipes extending an addition 200 feet or more northward. Roughly three feet of a large rock outcropping will be removed to widen the road at its narrowest point on the first curve.

FEMA initially approved the project without historical review. Subsequently FEMA determined that it would adversely impact the historical landmark road. To reduce this impact, FEMA conducted a review and consulting process called "Section 106" over a period of several years. This process resulted in a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) which was finally completed in June 2011. Over the course of this consultation The Old Road Society Board of Directors came to believe that drainage and a hard surface is required to prevent severe erosion of this particular road section. The MOA gives significant protections and provides a role for the Society in monitoring construction activities. The Old Road Society signed the MOA in August 2011.

Here is the final Memorandum of Agreement dated June 29, 2011


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