The Old Road Society of Philipstown, Inc.

Official mailing address: 35 Old Albany Post Road, Garrison, NY 10524

The Old Road Society was incorporated on March 17, 1995, the certificate issued by NYS Board of Regents and NYS Commissioner of Education. Alan Steiner Law Offices retain the original certificate of incorporation. 

Our tax-exempt 501(a) or 501(c)(4) status was granted on Sept. 7, 1990 by the IRS District Director, GPO Box 1680, Brooklyn NY 11202.  We are supposed to notify them of changes in our address or bylaws, purpose or character. The letter further states:

EIN (Federal Tax ID): 13-3574572
Contact Person: Dean J Beresheim
Contact Phone: 718-780-6114
IRS Code: Section 501(c)(4)
Accounting period ending: December 31
Form 990 Required: Yes (gross receipts > $25,000 only)
Addendum Applies: No

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